Order Social Media or Writing Services

Fill out the form below or contact me regarding a consultation by sending an email to SandraJaneMedia [at] gmail .com. (Remove spaces.)

I should respond within 24 hours.

The initial consulting fee is $125.

This basically gets the ball rolling with everything you need to start making connections.

  • This fee includes a Facebook Page with a Facebook vanity URL (Example: Facebook.com/FlowersToGo). Facebook does not charge for the URL, but it can be difficult to come up with a name not already in use.
  • Twitter account(s) set up if needed.
  • 2 articles which can be used as blog posts or posted on your Facebook page, along with 2 small graphics or memes that you can use to entice followers or customers. 
  • 5 social media posts for your new business page, spread out over the first month.
  • Integration with Twitter so every time you post or update it will tweet automatically.

Monthly Services and Writing Services are also available.

For more information detailing the services, click here.

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