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A consultation from, includes an analysis of your product, service, or organization to determine the next best steps to take, utilizing social media platforms.

One of the most important factors in building relationships with potential and current clients or fans, is to provide them with interesting, useful, and sometimes humorous information. Not everyone has the time required to supply this level of information with a touch of humour.

Visuals help draw the eye to your information. It’s imperative to provide eye catching graphics that inspire people to read more, and eventually to take positive action.

We will develop a social media marketing awareness strategy, and even help set up accounts on various social media platforms as needed.

Naturally, your Facebook page will need to direct people to your website for more information. However, Facebook pages now offer many service solutions from within their platform.

The choice is yours.

It’s time for you to stand out from the crowd.

Abstract Art by Anna Bulka
Abstract Art by Anna Bulka

My consulting fee is $125.

This basically gets the ball rolling with everything you need to start making connections.

  • This fee includes a Facebook Page with a Facebook vanity URL (Example: Facebook does not charge for the URL, but it can be difficult to come up with a name not already in use.
  • Twitter account(s) set up if needed.
  • 2 articles which can be used as blog posts or posted on your Facebook page, along with 2 small graphics or memes that you can use to entice followers or customers. 
  • 5 social media posts for your new business page, spread out over the first month.
  • Integration with Twitter so every time you post or update it will tweet automatically.

Click here for more information on memes.


Monthly Services are $150.

Monthly services includes:

  • One article per week for your blog (or FB page if no blog), which will also be shared to your social media accounts.
  • A small graphic or meme to go with each of those articles, which will also be shared to all existing social media accounts.
  • Monthly services can also include adding additional social media platforms, one at a time, such as LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram… or other methods you might prefer.


I accept payments after generating an initial invoice via PayPal. After the first month, a monthly subscription will be set up for monthly clients.

Due to the nature of these services, refunds are not offered unless I am unable to complete the project.




It’s time to take a serious look at our services and save yourself some time and money.


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